Pinterest your resume!

Since my college graduation I’ve been TRYING to create a digital portfolio and professional web presence that will further me in my career. A lot of people have negative opinions about Blogging, Social Media, and creating a name for yourself via the internet – but I’ve always had a passion for communications and new technologies, and I’ve never let it persuade me otherwise. I know that this is the way of the future, this is where the world is going, and you can either join the revolution, or get left in the dust…

SO – Being that I currently work full time as a Media Relations & Digital Marketing Manager (i.e. I work on a computer all day), it doesn’t really excite me to come home from work, and do more of the same thing for myself. However, it was my new year’s resolution to work on my blog and my internet presence – so here I am, making and effort!

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately on creating a “Digital Portfolio“, and I came across this article, along with others, that brought to my attention an ingenious idea: Why not create a “Pinterest Resume/Portfolio”?

So this is my new venture! I will post a link to my “Pinterest Resume” as soon as it’s finished! I encourage anyone interested in creating one as well, to check out this article:

Promote your resume on Pinterest


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